Water users at the Magic Reservoir can once again recreate and fish safely after a health advisory was put in place over the summer when an unhealthy level of micro-toxins was found there.

     According to a press release issued today from the South Central Public Health District, recent tests by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality show that micro-toxins in the water are now at a safe level. The health advisory was originally issued in August, after unhealthy levels had formed of a harmful algal bloom in and around the reservoir.

     Health advisories remain in place for Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir and Thorn Creek Reservoir, and water users at Magic Reservoir are still encouraged to use caution.

     “Even though the health advisory is lifted for Magic Reservoir, water users should still be observant and careful in and around areas where algal blooms are still present,” South Central Public Health District Public Health Program Manager Josh Jensen said in the press release.

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