A recent Idaho Department of Environmental Quality water test showed that the concentration of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, in Magic Reservoir is now at unhealthy levels.

     The South Central Public Health District has issued a warning for the area, urging the public to avoid exposure to the water and make sure children, pets and livestock are not exposed to the water or dried algae in the reservoir in southern Blaine County.

     According to the district, the unhealthy bacteria levels have formed a harmful algal bloom, something not unusual in warm summer months and that typically shrinks quickly when temperatures drop in the fall.

     “Until this advisory is lifted, we urge you to choose a different reservoir to fish and recreate in,” South Central Public Health District Public Information Office Brianna Bodily said.

     Health advisories have also been issued for Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir and for Mormon Reservoir.

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