19-05-22 River Street workshop WEB.jpg

Hailey Public Works Director Brian Yeager provided answers to questions about a proposed upgrade to four blocks of River Street at a workshop at City Hall on May 16. About 50 people came throughout the two-hour meeting to consider design concepts for the proposed project, which would run from Walnut Street north to Galena Street. Four street design scenarios were presented, along with an opportunity to make comments. Parking issues for residents accustomed to parking in the city’s right of way were a primary concern raised. Yeager said property owners will have to develop parking on their property to make room for new sidewalks and bike paths when the project is approved, funded and construction begins, possibly by next year. Recommendations based on the workshop will be presented to the City Council in coming weeks or months. “Whatever scenario is chosen will provide a model that can be expanded further on River Street,” Yeager said.

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