Hailey grit classifier

Hydrogen sulfide gas has eaten away at the headworks grit classifier at the city of Hailey’s wastewater plant.

On May 16, the city of Hailey will send a $6 million bond measure to voters that—if approved by a majority of voters—will fund several million dollars’ worth of upgrades at the city’s wastewater treatment plant in South Woodside.

According to the city, the planned upgrades are critical to ensuring the facility stays compliant with federal EPA standards and remains in safe operating condition. Here’s a look at why Hailey is putting the measure on the ballot, and where the money would go.

Why is the bond being issued?

Bryson Ellsworth at work

A facility-wide wastewater monitoring system alerts Bryson Ellsworth to any problems with pump controls, lift stations and wastewater levels, as well as potentially deadly gas levels in the headworks facility.

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