The Hailey P&Z will consider changes to the city zoning map on Monday that would allow construction of a major rental apartment complex on River Street.

    The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday will consider applications for preliminary design review and a rezone that would facilitate construction of a three-story, 42-unit rental housing development on River Street.

    The commission will also consider whether to expand the new Downtown Residential Overlay District, which brought recent changes to city code that allow development of more rental apartments in the commercial center of town.

    The new overlay allows up to 50 housing units per building, as small as 300 square feet each, in an area that encompasses a two-and-a-half- to three-and-a-half-block-wide swath of the central downtown core, nearly 1.5 miles long, from Albertsons grocery store to the Hailey Post Office.

    Hailey architect Jay Cone and his client, Alan D. Billers, have been behind the successful efforts to increase housing density limits downtown since Cone requested changes to the city’s zoning ordinance more than a year ago.

    “They [the Billers] have wanted to do more housing here for years,” Cone said. “The Downtown Residential Overlay will make this possible.”

    The proposed apartment complex would require a rezone of eight city lots (in either the General Residential or Limited Business zones) into the Business zone, and the inclusion of two of those lots in the Downtown Residential Overlay District, whose boundaries were delineated by the City Council in September.

    Cone is also requesting the addition of 0.12 acres in Elmwood subdivision into the overlay.

    “This rezone would allow us to avoid some setbacks and parking requirements that would allow us the density to build the new apartments,” Cone said. “It would allow us to take advantage of the Downtown Residential Overlay.”

    Cone represents West Crescent Advisors Idaho LLC and Alan Biller, owner of Alan D. Biller Associates of Menlo Park, Calif. Biller owns numerous properties in Hailey with his wife, Nancy T. Melton.

    The project is planned for a 0.55-acre set of parcels at 303 and 307 S. River St., and 104 W. Walnut St. The apartments would contain covered parking on the first floor (similar to the ARCH senior apartments at 731 N. River St.)

    The new apartments would surround (to the west and south) an existing six-unit rental housing complex owned by Biller at 306 S. River St.    

    Cone requested changes to city code in 2017 to allow more housing units. The resulting formation of the staff-initiated Downtown Residential Overlay District was recommended by the P&Z and passed by the City Council.

    Properties in the overlay no longer have a limit of 20 units per acre, and have relaxed parking restrictions.

    Any zoning changes recommended by the P&Z on Monday would have to be approved by the City Council.

    The meeting Monday at City Hall will begin at 5:30 p.m.

    In other Hailey News:

  • Travis Jones will request a zone change Monday at the P&Z meeting that would add a city lot at 131 W. Pine St. into the Downtown Residential Overlay.

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