Warmer temperatures this week have allowed a number of single-track trails to be opened in Croy Canyon west of Hailey. Several dirt roads in the area are also open for hiking and biking.

Only out-and-back single-tracks are open starting at Rotarun/Nadya’s Trail about three miles west of town on Croy Canyon Road. The BLM Croy Trailhead parking area about a mile farther west offers a limited amount of open loop trails for anyone willing to carry or walk their bike across a short section of snow.

Wood River Valley Trail Coordinator Chris Leman has been installing closed signs on muddy sections that are still off limits and advises riders and hikers to keep a safe distance from others to avoid the risk of coronavirus transmission.

“I wore a bandana as a mask while in the vicinity of others,” said Leman, who gave a wide berth around other people by stepping off the trail.

According to Leman’s latest report, Nadya’s Trail is open for its quarter-mile length as far as the intersection with Two Dog Trail, which is open only to the north as it climbs up to an intersection with the high end of the Wilson Gulch Trail. There, at a saddle, Wilson Gulch Trail is open for a short way.

At the BLM Croy Trailhead, the Bullion Connector Trail is open, as is the newer portion of Two Dog Trail (a segment nicknamed MyDog), which together make for a short but fun loop from the trailhead, Leman said.

Leman said he left a couple of shovels on the Bullion Connector trail at both ends of a stretch of snow about 75 yards long.

“This north-facing aspect is often holding snow at this time of the year,” he said. “If anyone has the time or the inclination to help with moving some of the snow off of the trail, bring gloves and hand sanitizer to wipe off the shovel handles before and after you use them. Otherwise, walk through, or carry your bike through or ride through this short stretch of wetness.”

Farther on, the Bullion Connector is clear, connecting with Bullion Gulch Road.

The Hidden Valley Trail is still closed due to wet conditions.

For an up-to-date trails report go to summertrailink.bcrd.org.

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