Men’s Second Chance Living in Hailey marked its one-year anniversary on Nov. 5. The residence for men recovering from addiction has served 16 clients since opening against the backdrop of a failed legal protest from neighbors.

“It has become what we envisioned,” House Manager John Inman said. “The key components for living here are staying clean and sober and having a full-time job.”

Inman said nearly 2,000 bed nights have been provided for men ranging in age from 18-50.

“It’s exciting to be able to provide men with opportunities,” he said. “The 12-step recovery community in the valley has been great for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. We have been able to provide counselors, do 12-step meetings in the house and get job training for men.”

Several nonprofit organizations and valley businesses have provided donated support for the men. They include Gravity Fitness, Mountain Rides and The Hunger Coalition. The men work primarily in restaurants and in construction trades.

“Some businesses, like Atkinsons’ Market, even call us and ask if we have more workers,” Inman said. “There are many more jobs in the valley than there are places to live.”

A bed at Men’s Sober Living costs $375 per month for room and board. There is no strict time limit for stays at the eight-bed facility. The longest-term resident is now starting classes at the College of Southern Idaho campus in Hailey, Inman said.

Inman said some clients have moved out of the area. Some left with their families. Others have been reincarcerated due to probation violations.

“It has been heartbreaking at times, but mostly gratifying to help guys who also want to help themselves,” he said. “We give them a second and third chance. The door is still open if they want to try again.”

Blaine County Drug Court Coordinator Sonya Wilander, a former international fashion model, is the founder and executive director of Men’s Sober Living.

“We continue to work on improving our services,” Wilander said. “That includes receiving private donations for education so that these young men have the opportunity to improve their employability through a better education.”

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