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Viewed from state Highway 75, a major expansion of Sweetwater Communities will include seven 37-foot-tall condominium buildings on Shenandoah Drive with 70 housing units. An additional 39 townhomes and seven live-work units in additional three-story buildings are not pictured.

The city of Hailey and affordable-housing advocates throughout the Wood River Valley have been clamoring for years for additional housing. Momentum Development Group, the developers of Sweetwater Community in Woodside subdivision, are stepping up to the plate with the largest single housing project in recent years.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission approved a design-review application Monday by Kilgore Properties LLC that allows for a major expansion of Sweetwater Community consisting of 116 housing units, including seven live-work units, on Shenandoah Drive.

The P&Z approved the development after requesting minor changes, including the addition of architectural features to the ends of buildings.

“This housing is much needed for the city,” P&Z Commissioner Sam Linnet said.

The housing units will be the latest expansion of Sweetwater Community, which was planned in 2005 as a 421-unit, $200 million housing development on 20 acres straddling Countryside Boulevard and Shenandoah Drive. To date, 71 townhouse units have been completed and sold, with an additional 26 duplex units approved and under construction.

Sweetwater Project Manager Kameron Spencer said the new expansion would take place in four phases, beginning with a first cluster of townhomes, condominiums and live-work units at the corner of Countryside and Shenandoah. He said he expects the entire development to be completed within 18 months of acquiring building permits, which could happen at any time.

Spencer said the three-bedroom condos would sell for $259,000, with three-bedroom townhome units selling for $310,000 and live/work units selling for $390,000.

Spencer addressed several issues Monday that had been raised by the commission last month, including landscaping, connectivity and traffic.

The revised designs include a new 360-foot sidewalk near the Balmoral Apartments at the north end of the development to connect to the Wood River Trail, an additional connection at the south end of the development, pedestrian connections throughout Sweetwater Community and a plan to extend two turning lanes exiting Countryside Boulevard onto state Highway 75.

The plans include signs to prohibit morning parking at seven live-work units on Countryside Boulevard to facilitate traffic flows onto Highway 75.

The expansion will bring 12 three-story townhomes (containing 39 units total, ranging in size from about 1,832 square feet to 2,084 square feet); seven three-story, 10-unit condominium buildings (70 units total, of about 1,380 square feet); and one three-plex and one four-plex live-work complex, with each unit comprising about 2,366 square feet.

The development is planned to have 254 onsite parking spaces, of which 162 will be garaged, 64 off-street and 28 on-street.

The development application came through the P&Z under a pre-existing planned-unit-development agreement that had been amended in 2012.

“Because it came as a PUD, the design changes were minor,” Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said in an interview. “The public was already familiar with these plans.”

Spencer said an additional 103 units could be built at Sweetwater under the existing PUD.

“Overall, it will take us six years to build out Sweetwater completely,” he said.

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