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Though many trails in the Wood River Valley are still too wet and muddy to use, one new trail in Quigley Canyon recently opened for bikes, hikers and horses.

The new multi-use Quigley Loop Trail runs for 4.2 miles around the valley floor of Quigley Canyon, on the east side of Hailey, with about 600 feet of elevation gain over its length.

The trail was developed in partnership among the owners of Quigley Farm, the Wood River Land Trust and the Blaine County Recreation District, which maintains winter and summer trails in the canyon under a conservation easement that begins at the mouth of the canyon and extends east.

“It’s not unusual to have equestrian use on a traditional non-motorized trail,” said Blaine County Recreation District Executive Director Jim Keating. “The Quigley Loop trail is intended to be moderate in difficulty. This means the trail has slight slopes or grades and larger widths.”

The trail is more than twice as wide as a single-track trail. It is designed to accommodate greater use at any given time.

“Folks may be walking together or crossing paths on the trail. The larger width is also designed to accommodate greater use of hand cycles by our adaptive sports community,” Keating said.

The trail can be accessed from the parking lot at the end of pavement on Quigley Canyon Road in east Hailey.

For updates on summer trail openings in the Wood River Valley, go to summertrailink.bcrd.org/.

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