Two 24-inch culverts installed in April in the Della View neighborhood in Hailey are reducing flooding in the neighborhood. The culverts are diverting about 15 cubic feet per second of floodwater under War Eagle Drive to a man-made channel that runs along the north side of Heagle Park and empties into the Big Wood River. City Public Works Director Brian Yeager said the culverts are diverting more than 1 million gallons per day from the east side of War Eagle Drive that might otherwise threaten homes north of Triumph Drive. “They are working tremendously well and moving quite a bit of water,” Yeager said. Several homes south of the culverts were surrounded by water Thursday. Cooling temperatures are expected to reduce flooding through the weekend. A separate culvert also installed this spring at the north end of Heagle Park remains dry because flooding has not been severe enough to fill them with water this year, Yeager said.

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