The Hailey City Council approved final plans Monday for the Myrtle Street Connector, which will provide bike and pedestrian lanes between the Wood River Path and Main Street.

The project also includes improving the Main Street crossing and will improve connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians accessing Hailey’s north-end commercial district, adjacent neighborhoods and Wood River Middle School.

Hailey resident Bob McLeod told the council that his property at the corner of the Wood River Path and Myrtle Street would be impacted “substantially” and called for assurances that a fence would be replaced after construction of a retaining wall is built above the path. Public Works Director Brian Yeager said the fence would be rebuilt about 10 feet up a hill above the previous fence location, and that water would not be shut off longer than one day to McLeod’s property.

Greg Dreher, a property owner at 305 Myrtle St., requested a chance to build a driveway across the path to access a garage.

“We’re trying to keep the path crossings to a minimum,” Yeager said.

Mayor Fritz Haemmerle said the plan for the path had been discussed many times and was unlikely to be changed at this late date. He instructed the property owner to contact Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz to find a solution.

The Myrtle Street project is one of several bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects planned and funded by a two-year property tax levy passed by voters in 2017 to raise $800,000.

The project will be completed with $499,897 in federal grant funding, $177,164 in levy funding and $37,000 collected from development impact fees.

Completion is scheduled for late this summer.

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