Kaz Thea will continue as Hailey City Council president after several Hailey residents and City Council members were formally appointed to leadership positions on Monday by a council vote.

Board and office appointments include the following: 

  • Kaz Thea and Heidi Husbands took oaths of office on Monday evening, officially stepping into their seats on the Hailey City Council. Both incumbents notched substantial wins in the November 2021 election.
  • Thea was reelected City Council president on Monday and will chair city council meetings in 2022 during the absence of Mayor Martha Burke.
  • Hailey Planning & Zoning Commissioner Richard Pogue was appointed to the Fly Sun Valley Alliance board, replacing late board member Don Keirn.
  • Nate Hart will continue to represent the city of Hailey on the Blaine County Housing Authority Board and Councilman Sam Linnet will serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member on the BCHA board. 
  • Mayor Martha Burke has replaced Hailey City Councilman Juan Martinez as a member of the Mountain Rides Transportation Authority Board.
  • Two expiring Tree Committee positions have been filled by current board member Katie Van Hess and new appointee Kelsey Paxon.
  • Susan Giannettino and Frank Rowland were reappointed to 3-year terms on the Hailey Arts and Historic Preservation Commission; Gwen Mesce was reappointed to a 1-year term.
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