The Hailey City Council reviewed preliminary changes to its capital improvement plan Monday that relate to the city’s transportation master plan.

Public Works Director Brian Yeager prepared and presented the first such capital improvement plan update since 2007, in part to help the city qualify for a federal grant to upgrade River Street.

“The plan is meant to project forward for more projects than we already have funding for,” Yeager said.

The $1.75 million list of projects showed the removal of several that had been completed in recent years and others that would no longer be targeted for funding, including “about a dozen roundabouts” once envisioned for city intersections.

Yeager identified several short-term projects, including a $432,000 reconstruction of Airport Way from Main Street and Aviation Drive, a $175,000 upgrade to the Fox Acres Road roundabout and an unspecified cost for improving an intersection at Cedar Street and Broadford Road. Those were listed as plans that need to be undertaken within five years.

A project on Main Street that Yeager described as “imminent” would involve an upgrade to pavement and curb ramps for the disabled from Cobblestone Lane to Fox Acres Road. He said the project would require temporarily closing Main Street in the near future, but specific dates would need to be determined in coordination with the Idaho Transportation Department.

Yeager’s presentation included maintenance priorities as well as construction projects, but failed to satisfy the City Council’s need for clarity on capital priorities and the timing of projects. Mayor Fritz Haemmerle instructed Yeager to combine his data to more clearly display the changes in the capital plan from 2007 to 2019, with a list of projects to be completed within the next three years.

The revised plan will be presented to the council for approval on June 18. The council will review and adopt a new transportation master plan on June 24.

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