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A diverse color palette is planned for the exterior of five townhomes that will be built on River Street.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a design-review application for five 2,186-square-foot, three-story townhomes on River Street. The units will be built as Phase 2 of a Marriott-linked hotel project planned for 711 N. Main St. approved in 2017.

P&Z Commissioner Owen Scanlon applauded the diverse color palette planned for the units.

“We can use a little flash on River Street,” Scanlon said during the P&Z meeting Monday.

Hailey Architect Errin Bliss, who represents Hailey FF in both phases of the hotel projects, said the townhomes will likely be built at the same time as the hotel. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Bliss said a previous plan to build 11 townhomes on River Street was changed due to parking requirements placed on the hotel development team by Marriott Corp. He said the original development team thought one parking space for every two hotel rooms would be sufficient.

“Marriott requires one parking space for every room,” Bliss said.

The need for more parking resulted in 75 spaces instead of 57, and a reduction in the number of townhomes on the north end of the River Street block between the former King’s store and Big Wood 4 Cinemas.

The three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom townhomes will be connected, with two-car garages on the ground floor facing west into the hotel parking lot. The units will have pedestrian entrances on River Street located closer to a planned sidewalk than Bliss had expected.

Bliss said sidewalk plans presented by the city last week brought the sidewalk 1 foot closer to the front porches of the units than sidewalk plans he had been working with since last year.

“It’s not ideal, but I’m fine with it,” he said.

Bliss asked the commission if he could be guaranteed that the street and sidewalk designs would not change again.

City Attorney Christopher Simms said the city could not make any assurances, but would “absolutely” notify him of any changes.

P&Z Commissioner Dan Smith apologized to Bliss for the lack of communication about the changes, which will require Bliss to redraw the site plan.

“I’d like to see the city do the best job that it can,” Smith said.

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