Faced with an intensifying housing shortage, Hailey officials on Monday agreed to allow guests to stay in RVs on private property for up to six months with the exception of the winter season, from November 30 to March 15.

Previously, the city only allowed guests to stay in RVs on private property for up to 30 days.

“This is not a means to solve the housing problem, but a way to fill a short-term gap based on what we are seeing in our community,” Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said Monday. “The [city] has received impassioned letters, people saying ‘I have a friend who is staying in my driveway,’ ‘a single father has lost his housing.’”

Emergency RV occupancy on private property will not be allowed in the winter due to potentially damaging snow loads on vehicles, Horowitz said.

“The city would not want to be responsible for that putting property owners in that position,” she said.


Hailey’s more lenient RV rules aim to help caregivers and local workers—not remote workers who want "to try out living in Hailey for a month," Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said.

Horowitz added that RV occupants will need to be “those who are depending on the valley’s local economy for work, in some kind of transition in their housing,” or otherwise caregivers for a homeowner or family member of the house.

“This is not for a remote worker who wants to try out living in Hailey for a month or six weeks,” she said. “We understand this might be difficult to enforce, but we’re going to have to go in a good faith and trust that there will be no short-term rentals.”

Sewage also must be disposed of regularly at an RV dump station, such as the one near Valley Car Wash, Horowitz said.

Per councilmembers’ suggestion on Monday, the city will continue to grant leniency to campers on private property until the end of 2021. Staff will report back on the effectiveness of the program in early 2022, City Attorney Chris Simms said.

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