The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission finalized a recommendation to the Hailey City Council on Monday that would require a stricter and more transparent process with regard to final plat procedures for developers.

The move was suggested by Mayor Fritz Haemmerle, in part as a means to decrease staff time spent keeping tabs on developers as they move toward final completion of projects.

The P&Z and City Council both need to approve a preliminary plat before construction begins. The applicant then has one calendar year to file for final plat, during which time improvements are typically built.

Final plat approval is required before a developer can sell lots, though Hailey code allows applicants to bond for improvements (at 150 percent of projected costs) and does not require any level of completion prior to submittal of final plat.

The proposed change would require additional reporting on infrastructure improvements at the time of final plat approval, including a summary of the status of required infrastructure improvements and other conditions of preliminary plat approval, an explanation of why any required items have not been completed with projected completion dates, an estimated cost of incomplete items and a proposed bond, to be reviewed by the city engineer.

The proposed amendment to city code would also allow developers to provide “in-kind” contributions for parks, such as a resurfacing of a ball field or other improvement, as an alternative to a cash in-lieu parks donation or construction of an actual park.

‘This would allow developers more flexibility, in case they want to use their equipment that is already there,” P&Z Commissioner Dan Smith said.

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