The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission began on Monday to address multiple issues regarding a text update to the comprehensive plan and possible changes to the city’s 1994 area-of-city-impact map.

The P&Z Commission was recently given 60 days by the Hailey City Council to respond to ACI questions and concerns, the same amount of time provided to the city of Bellevue’s P&Z to identify its area-of-city-impact priorities.

The two cities recently entered into negotiations with Blaine County to resolve a dispute stemming from their area-of-city-impact maps, which overlap within the undeveloped Flying Hat Ranch that sits between them in Blaine County.

“Our goal is to have ACI areas that don’t overlap,” said Kathy Grotto, deputy administrator of the Blaine County Land Use Department, who attended the meeting.

ACI maps and ordinances are mechanisms cities can use to have more input on county development than otherwise provided for under the county development process.

“Therefore, it is important that the city of Hailey identify the area in which development within the county has the most potential to impact the city of Hailey,” states a city memo.

Hailey Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said the dispute could resolve whether Hailey has 27 acres in its ACI map north of Bellevue, or 55 acres, or some other amount.

Horowitz questioned what development possibilities Bellevue envisions for a portion of the Flying Hat Ranch.

“We don’t know what land uses Bellevue contemplates [in its proposed ACI],” Horowitz said.

The ACI maps proposed by the towns overlap on both sides of state Highway 75 within the Flying Hat Ranch, whose owners recently restated an interest in annexing into Bellevue.

The Hailey P&Z Commission nevertheless also identified Flying Hat Ranch as a possible annexation area for Hailey.

“Property owners do sometimes change their minds, depending on what they get from cities,” said P&Z Commissioner Sam Linnet.

The commission also approved including private agricultural land north of town between Highway 75 and Northridge subdivision as likely for annexation.

The Hailey P&Z Commission approved expanding Hailey’s proposed ACI map in northeast Hailey to include Idaho Department of Lands property and private property at the north end of Peregrine Ranch, bordering the Valley Club.

The commission also approved expanding the ACI map in northeast Hailey to the west side of the Big Wood River, following advice from Wood River Land Trust Deputy Director Amy Trujillo.

The P&Z also discussed potential “trade areas” that could affect the Hailey ACI, areas that could attract people to commercial activity centers in Hailey or Bellevue.

Horowitz said she thought most residents south of East Fork and from Hailey would shop in Hailey, except for shoppers from south Woodside subdivision, who might instead shop in Bellevue.

“They might be a toss-up,” Horowitz said.

The Hailey P&Z Commission also reviewed growth projections and the amounts of undeveloped land in the city as part of the ACI update.

A revised ACI map will be presented at a continued public hearing on Nov. 4

The meeting will also include a review of infrastructure needs in relation to proposed ACI changes.

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