40 McKercher

The “40 McKercher” housing project, shown from First Avenue looking west to Carbonate Mountain. The project, from Northridge developer Mark Caplow, was approved Monday night despite receiving largely negative reviews from the public and P&Z since its introduction in April.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning commissioners approved a three-story, 44-unit apartment building Monday evening after more than two hours of deliberation, allowing the developer to move forward with acquiring a building permit from the city.

The “40 McKercher” project from Northridge developer Mark Caplow will see 44 units go up in the Northridge section of Hailey, just east of what will soon be the new L.L. Greens hardware store.

Because the building cleared design review on Monday, it will not need a second vote from the City Council, according to City Administrator Lisa Horowitz.

40 McKercher from above

The third floor would feature skylights within units and in the hallway for natural lighting.

40 McKercher 1

According to developer Mark Caplow, the "40 McKercher" building would help create a smoother transition from commercial use on Main Street to single-family homes in Northridge subdivision.

Water usage in Hailey

The "Route 21" water-metering district of Northridge includes homes on Northridge Drive, Heroic Road, Bluff Drive and Kintail Drive. 

Homes in northeast Northridge have historically experienced periods of low water pressure due to elevation drop and too-narrow water supply lines, according to Public Works Director Brian Yeager. Yeager said laying wider pipes and adding flow-reduction infrastructure, like check valves, could cost upwards of $100,000.

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