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This bird’s-eye-view rendering depicts the proposed Silver River Residences from the southwest.

A three-story, 16-unit residential complex set for the northeast corner of Silver and River streets in Hailey received unanimous recommendation for council approval from the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday evening.

The Silver River Residences, proposed for 17 W. Silver St. in the city’s Downtown Residential Overlay District, would be situated at about a two-minute walk from downtown Hailey. According to project architect Susan Scovell, representing applicants Gary Poole and Kiki Tidwell, the development would help the city’s housing stock.

“This is a wonderful example of pooling together our resources to create lower-cost housing,” Scovell said during a presentation. “Along with [architect] Rebecca Bundy and [contractor] Paul Conrad, we’ve donated a lot of our time and money to make this more affordable.”

Poole added that the variety of apartment layouts—nine two-bedrooms, five one-bedrooms and two small studios—would cater to both small families and single adults.

“What we tried to do here is provide housing for a cross-section of the community,” he said. “One of our hopes is to encourage new development on empty lots nearby, to show developers that they, too, can have success investing in this district.”

P&Z Commissioner Dan Smith applauded the development’s potential to revitalize the Hailey’s Downtown Residential Overlay District.

“I’m glad to see someone picking up the slack in the district,” he said. “This is exactly what I had in mind.”

Exterior project amenities presented to the commission by Scovell and Poole included an outdoor communal green space with barbecue and picnic facilities, 16 parking spaces (nine outdoor, seven tuck-in) and charging infrastructure for electric cars. In order to blend in with surrounding development, the single-roof complex would be divided into five sections, Poole said.

In terms of interior design, each apartment unit—which would fall between 328 and 755 square feet—would feature “Juliet”-style balconies and ample light.

Also presented on Monday night was a greater variety of exterior building colors and materials, an improvement suggested by Chairwoman Janet Fugate at a previous P&Z pre-application design review hearing on Feb. 3.

In its current form, the building incorporates stucco, natural wood and steel siding in its exterior, with rust accents at entry points.

“The wooden decking, railings and stairways would help ensure that the development stays in line with its residential neighbors,” Poole said.

Another core component of the Silver River Residences is energy conservation. Poole said installing solar panels and solar shading, the latter of which would block excessive sunlight, could further that goal.

“Our idea is that everyone in this community would feel included and involved with saving energy,” he said.

Prior to ruling in favor of the development, the commission laid out a handful of conditions to the applicants: Tenants would be limited to one parking space each and would not be able to store furniture outdoors. Poole and Tidwell would also need to install a new dry well draining system to replace the existing one.

While some suggested minor tweaks, all commissioners thoroughly praised the project’s design and amenities.

“I have a feeling this will be the first of many successful projects on River Street,” Commissioner Richard Pogue said.

Poole expects construction to begin in mid-April, with the goal of completing the project by spring 2021.

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