River Street Apartments

A proposed townhome development at 410 N. River St. would contain 12 units, two of which would be priced around $375,000, or 100% of area median income.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved design plans for a 12-unit townhome complex at 410 N. River St., as well as a preliminary plat application to subdivide the property into 12 parcels.

Preliminary plat approval gives a developer the ability to build roads, sewer lines and other infrastructure on the site, whereas a final plat means the developer can actually sell the lots.

Kevin Cablik, a Boise-based developer with CK Property Group, plans to build 12 three-story single-family townhomes on an empty lot next to Silver River Residences on the north end of downtown.

Cablik noted on Monday that all units will have the capacity for electric vehicle charging stations and solar rooftop additions.

“I think we really need to be encouraging this kind of development,” Blaine County Sustainability Director Lynne Barker said in a public comment session.

According to project architect John King, all townhomes will have attached one-car garages, rooftop deck space and covered parking spaces on the ground level.

The commissioners were largely complimentary of the apartment layouts, recommending only slight changes to downspout designs, landscaping and dumpster placement.

The 14,400-square-foot River Street lot was originally reserved a 12-unit residential complex that would have been built from refurbished metal shipping containers, but that plan fell through last year when shipping container manufacturer IndieDwell closed its doors in Caldwell.

Due to the project’s limited lot size, the applicant team asked for and received three waivers from the city: a waiver to a minimum lot size of 18,000 square feet, a waiver to a requirement that 10% of the lot be used as shared open space and a waiver to a requirement for park space.

In exchange for the waivers, Cablik is proposing two deed-restricted townhouse units that would accommodate families making 100% of area median income, or AMI. Two deed-restricted units at 100% AMI translate to a sales price of $375,000 per unit.

The townhome project previously received planned-unit development approval by the City Council on Nov. 8.

P&Z approves extended plat timeline

Also on Monday night, the P&Z approved municipal code change that, once approved by council, will extend the time limit for final plat submission from one calendar year to two calendar years.

The purpose is to “ensure ample time to install the required infrastructure before expiration of the preliminary plat [agreement],” according to the city.

Currently, both the P&Z and City Council need to approve a preliminary plat application before construction begins. The applicant then has one year to file for final plat, during which improvements are typically built. If they hit any stumbling blocks, applicants can agree to a bond for incomplete improvements at 150% of projected costs.

“Staff is finding the timeline to be too restrictive and infeasible for developers to meet,” the city stated. “Many developers, rather than completing the infrastructure, are choosing to bond or provide security for incomplete improvements, and/or request an extension to the one-year timeline.” 

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