21-06-28 update Hailey RV

Hailey leaders will consider allowing RVs on private property this summer to help ease the city’s affordable housing shortage. Occupants would be subject to several conditions, according to the city.

The Hailey City Council will consider allowing short-term RV parking, take public input on its draft fiscal year 2022 budget and consider a zoning change at its regular meeting today, June 28, at 5:30 p.m.

Currently, Hailey restricts campers on private property and does not allow people to live in RVs except for “short stays under 30 days from out-of-town guests.”

Faced with an intensifying housing shortage, however, Hailey is proposing allowing RVs and campers on private property with the exception of peak tourism season, November 30 to March 15.

“The Wood River Valley is experiencing a housing crisis. Many individuals and families who have lost their housing are struggling to find new accommodations in an unprecedented tight housing market,” the city stated in a staff report. “In conversations with the other jurisdictions, use of RVs on private property for a limited duration are seen as an interim step that may ease the housing burden.”

Occupants would be subject to several conditions. RVs would need to be located on private property, not in city rights-of-way, for example, and occupants would be limited to stays of six months in any calendar year. Occupants would also need to be either locally employed Idaho residents, a household family member or a caregiver for the household.

City to introduce 2022 budget

Currently, Hailey’s draft budget for fiscal 2022 is set at around $14.8 million, up by about 15%, or around $2 million, from fiscal 2021.

Fiscal year 2022 begins on October 1, 2021, though the city usually finalizes its budget in August.

This fall, the city is looking to bolster police department funding by about $41,000, Mountain Rides funding by $20,500, Hailey Ice tourist and event promotion by $7,500, Senior Connection transportation services by $3,000 and downtown beautification projects by $3,000. Funding for the Chamber of Hailey & The Wood River Valley is projected to increase 4%, from $67,500 to $7,250.

On Monday, the council will also consider an ordinance that would raise Mayor Martha Burke’s annual salary by 18%—from $24,000 to $28,200—and councilmembers’ salaries by 6%, from $10,200 to $10,800.

“It has been six years since Hailey’s elected officials were budgeted a salary increase,” the city stated in a staff report.

Overall, salaried city staff positions should see increases of at least 3% from the "pre-covid 2020 budget levels,” the report noted.

Council to weigh rezoning, residential proposal

Lastly, the Hailey City Council will consider rezoning a lot at the corner of Main Street and Roberta McKercher Boulevard from Limited Residential to Limited Business zoning, a change that would allow business owner Larry Green to construct a new L.L. Green’s hardware store.

The council will also consider approving a preliminary plat application for a seven-lot residential development at Winterhaven Drive in Woodside subdivision. The seven homes would be priced between $350,000 and $700,000, according to the developer.

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