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  The Hailey Council decided not to pursue demolition while discussing the fate of the Forest Service Warehouse Building on Monday.

The Hailey City Council unanimously supported a proposal Monday evening to move a historic Forest Service warehouse from its current home at 308 S. River St. to a city-owned grassy lot near the airport known as the City Street Shop.

The council was presented with two other possibilities Monday—demolishing the entire building and salvaging only “historically unique” elements, such as windows and doors, or demolishing half the building and moving the other half to Roberta McKercher Park. The council agreed that relocation was the more favorable option.

Per an agreement with developer FAPO Holdings Idaho, which plans to build a 26-space parking lot on the Forest Service building site adjacent to a 26,000-square-foot commercial building at 314 S. River St., the city will need to move the building to its new site by Oct. 10.

Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said FAPO Holdings has offered to contribute $15,000 toward its relocation.

“We’re having a dialogue with the property owner representative as to whether there’s any wiggle room,” she said.

Once used as a repair shop by Forest Service employees, the building—which dates to 1936—would take on its original storage function when moved to Merlin Loop, Horowitz said.

“It will be used as it was historically used as a warehouse building,” she said. “There’s a lot of history behind [the building], which is why we’ve tried so hard to work something out with FAPO.”

The Hailey Public Works Department is planning to funnel $100,000 from its capital-improvement fund toward relocation next month. That money was originally earmarked for a new salt storage building, Horowitz said, but can also be applied to an equipment storage building as well.

FAPO Holdings Idaho is planning to build its parking lot just south of the current Forest Service warehouse site to better accommodate customers at The Village at Hailey Center. According to a previous statement from FAPO representative Jeremy Lange, The Village has a potential tenant consisting of a surgeon’s group that would require a 26-space lot and additional driveway access.

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