The Hailey City Council rejected on Monday a proposed amendment to a development agreement for Fapo Holdings that would have allowed demolition or relocation of a historic Forest Service building that houses the Wood River Sustainability Center to make way for a parking lot.

Using leverage from a previous amendment that protects the 1936 Sustainability Center building on River Street, the council also called for a four-year period before the demolition or removal to three additional Forest Service buildings on a Main Street lot also owned by Fapo.

“Hopefully a lot can get done in that period of time,” Mayor Fritz Haemmerle said.

Sage School Headmaster Harry Weekes told the council that he was interested in obtaining the buildings and eventually relocating the entire compound to a site in Quigley Canyon, pending a study of the buildings and the cost of relocation.

Jeremy Lange is a listing agent for FAPO’s Village at Hailey Center’s mixed-use commercial complex at 314 S. River St., adjacent to the Sustainability Center He said the three-story, 26,000-square-foot building has a potential tenant consisting of a surgeon’s group that would require a new 26-space parking lot and additional driveway access.

Lange and his partner Matt Engel offered to contribute $15,000 for the relocation of each building, if the amendment were approved.

The council instructed Lang and Engel to come back with a new plan that would guarantee sufficient time to ensure that the buildings could be preserved.

The hearing on the proposed amendment was continued to Nov. 6.

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