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Anyone who plans to camp on private property in Hailey this summer and fall will need to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy. The certificate can be obtained by sending the city a letter confirming two things: where you will park the RV, and that you are either a locally employed resident of Idaho or a caregiver for the household.

The city of Hailey has issued several conditions for temporary RV living following city officials’ decision last week to allow people to live in RVs on private property for up to six months.

Hailey’s current code prohibits guests from staying in RVs on private property for longer than 30 days. Councilmembers last Monday, however, agreed to not enforce that rule given the city’s intensifying housing shortage.

Guests can live in RVs except during the winter season, when potentially of heavy snow loads might cause damage to vehicles.

To live in an RV, occupants must meet the following conditions:

• Only one RV or camper is allowed per any residential building.

• The RV must be located on private property and not parked on city rights-of-ways.

• Occupancy is limited to six months and is prohibited from Nov. 30-March 15.

• The occupant must either be an Idaho resident who is locally employed or a caregiver for the household or a family member of the household. The city defines “locally employed” as someone who depends on the local economy for livelihood and does not work remotely or virtually for an out-of-county organization.

• Short term rentals of an RV or camper are prohibited.

• All sewage shall be disposed of regularly and at a designated RV Dump Station.

Anyone who plans to live in an RV this summer and fall will need to send a letter to the city’s Community Development Department, planning@haileycityhall.org, addressing how they meet the above criteria and where they will park the RV. The city will then issue a required Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

“These regulations are in effect now, June through November 30, at which time the Hailey City Council will reevaluate,” the city stated.

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