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Architect Jay Cone said the development of large private storage facilities such as this one could be a trend.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved the design of a 4,896-square-foot private garage and storage facility in Airport West subdivision.

“It will be used mostly for automobiles,” said Hailey architect Jay Cone, who represented Stonefly LLC for the project.

Cone said Greg Blume of the Blume real estate investment company of Seattle is behind the project.

“It’s not unusual for someone to build one of these,” Cone said. “I have built at least one that is even larger and I hear through the grapevine that more are planned.”

The building will be on a 14,390-square-foot circular lot on Airport Circle and include a 100-foot sidewalk extension and clusters of trees around the edges of the building.

Cone said in an interview that he drew a complex angular design to use as much space as possible on the curved lot.

“It adds to the interest of the building, rather than it being just a box,” he said.

The building will be equipped with a restroom and have six exterior parking spaces and a loading area.

The exterior parking spaces are required by city code, Cone said.

In other Hailey news:

The P&Z approved the design of two new single-family residences proposed by West Croy LLC. The units will be 1,008 square feet and 681 square feet, at 217 W. Croy St.

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