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A new park will be developed at the south end of Woodside Boulevard in Hailey.

The Hailey City Council approved conceptual plans last week for South Woodside Park, which will be built adjacent to an eight-unit ARCH Community Housing Trust complex at 3920 Woodside Blvd.

Construction of the park will mark a culmination of differences between ARCH and South Woodside residents who protested the elimination of open space at a vacant 26,048-square-foot lot rezoned for the housing complex.

A compromise solution was found when the city approved plans that will use about half the lot area for the park.

“This is a great design, given the small area we have to work with,” said Hailey Parks Division Manager Stephanie Cook during a May 13 City Council meeting.

The park will cost $60,000 to build and will include a 6-foot-wide, crushed-rock path from Woodside Boulevard to the Toe of the Hill Trail at the east end of the park, a gathering area, picnic tables, a log and boulder play area and a small lawn.

Cook said trees at the park will be watered with drip irrigation. The lawn will be irrigated separately.

A 3-foot-tall berm and trees will separate the park from the ARCH housing complex.

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