21-02-12 Amatopia

The proposed Amatopia subdivision would lie east of Draper Preserve, slightly north of the Della View subdivision.

The Hailey City Council on Monday gave the official stamp of approval to a preliminary plat application from developer Susan Scovell, who has proposed a new five-lot subdivision off River Street.

The council previously approved the application for Amatopia subdivision on Jan. 25 before adopting findings of fact and conclusions of law this week.

Situated just west of the southern end of River Street, Amatopia subdivision is slated to accommodate five lots ranging from about 6,100 to 8,000 square feet. Homes will be serviced by a private road, Amatopia Way, that would connect to River Street and end in a cul-de-sac.

According to Scovell, homes will be kept under 35 feet tall, with those on the southernmost lots capped at 32 feet. Screening vegetation will be installed on the south end of the parcel for privacy, landscape architect Ben Young said.

After roads, landscaping and water lines are completed, people can apply for building permits and would have 548 days to construct a home in Amatopia subdivision, according to Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz.

Planning and Zoning commissioners previously voiced support for the subdivision’s planned irrigation restrictions, which include a stipulation that only 40% of lot area can be turf.

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