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The Hailey City Council decided to hold developer Gordon Flade to task and require an increase in the size of lettering on a pathway to Sherwood Forest.

The Hailey City Council continued a public hearing Monday on a final plat application for the Carbonate View subdivision, pending transfer of title from the developer for a half-acre parcel to the Wood River Land Trust for open space.

The development agreement stipulates that Parcel A at the west end of the 14-unit development be deeded to the organization and left “open to the public in perpetuity.”

Wood River Land Trust Executive Di-rector Scott Boettger said Wednesday there would be no problem in the land transfer.

“The parcel is undevelopable and would be added to the Draper Preserve,” Boettger said.

Partly in response to public pressure, the council agreed to require developer Gordon Flade to increase the size of lettering on a pedestrian/emergency use path from China Gardens to the Sherwood Forest neighborhood to specifications called for in a development plan.

Lettering used to indicate cycling and pedestrian use only was smaller than required and painted on the path already. Stencils for letters spelling “No Motor Vehicles” came in smaller than requested, said Flade, and were not used, pending council review.

Mayor Fritz Haemmerle said he thought the existing lettering on the path was large enough, yet Sherwood Forest property owner Martin Flannes said they were “one-third” smaller than planned.

“This is not an aesthetic issue. It is a safety issue,” Flannes said.

City Councilwoman Kaz Thea agreed that the lettering needed to be “large and obvious.”

Haemmerle conceded that the developer should meet expectations.

“But if they [the letterings] are big and look like graffiti, don’t come back here again,” Haemmerle said.

The final plat hearing was continued to Nov.25.

In other Hailey news:

• A second development agreement amendment for Fapo Holdings was approved, including a provision that the city would receive transfer of historic U.S. Forest Service buildings prior to transfer to a private entity, for the purpose of ensuring a tax credit for the buildings’ donation for Fapo.

• The city of Hailey is installing $21,000 in playground equipment at Keefer Park, supplied by the Kiwanis Club, Papoose Club and Hailey Rotary Club.

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