LL Greens / Ford Dealership

A two-story car dealership, two-story hardware store and between six and eight three-story condominium buildings are proposed for the entrance to Hailey.

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a series of public hearings on Monday, Feb. 1, regarding three proposals from Larry Green, owner of L.L. Green's Hardware, and Matthew Cook, owner of Hailey-based Silver Creek Ford.

Cook and Green are partnering to develop 5.4 acres of vacant property at the north end of Main Street into a new car dealership, a two-story hardware store and a condominium project, according to a staff report from Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz.

Silver Creek Ford, now operating at 920 S. Main St., is planning to expand, update and relocate its facility to 910 N. Main St. across from Stinker Gas with a buildout of around 20,500 square feet. Meanwhile, L.L. Green's, currently operating at 101 N. Main St., is proposing to relocate to a two-story building at 21 E. McKercher Blvd. with a buildout of 16,200 square feet.

To support the infill projects, the owners of L.L. Green's and Silver Creek Ford would build between six and eight three-story condominium buildings, to be known as Northridge Condominiums, along First Avenue and within Northridge subdivision.

Horowitz wrote in a staff report that the proposed commercial developments would contribute to a “year-round economy unrelated to the tourism industry” and “bring civic activity to a vacant lot in Hailey’s downtown [and] promote economic growth, as well as downtown diversity.”

The auto dealership would serve “the residents of both Hailey and Blaine County” and potentially “residents of Lincoln and Camas Counties as well,” she added.

Cook and Green have proposed three zoning changes to accommodate each project. Those changes include rezoning the lot along McKercher Boulevard, which currently lies within the city’s Limited Business district, to fall in the Business district; rezoning the Main Street property, currently in the General Residential district, to the Business district; and reassigning the Northridge subdivision lot from the city’s Limited Residential district to its General Residential and Downtown Residential Overlay districts.

Over the weekend, more than a dozen Hailey residents wrote letters to the city objecting to the development and rezoning proposals, voicing concerns over light pollution, increased noise and increased traffic.

To attend the 5:30 p.m. hearings, visit https://www.gotomeet.me/CityofHaileyPZ or dial (571) 317-3122 and enter access code 506-287-589.

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