The Hailey City Council will consider a resolution today that would amend the city’s comprehensive plan by adding “Section 14: Airport Facilities” and updates to text in “Section 2, Hazardous Areas and Wildland Fire Hazards and Section 5, Land Use.”

     The proposed changes are based on a request by Friedman Memorial Airport Manager Chris Pomeroy to bring the city into compliance with a recent state designation that protects public airports as “essential community facilities that provide safe transportation alternatives and contribute to the economy of the state.”

     Currently, the city has no provisions, goals or indicators related to airport facilities in its comprehensive plan.

     A city staff memo states that “proactive planning around the airport would ensure the safety of both aircraft operations and neighbors and certifies the airport can continue to operate safely and successfully, protecting federal, state and local investment.”

     The Hailey P&Z Commission has reviewed the changes and recommended their adoption.

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