Hailey Post Office

Idaho currently has “hundreds” of open postal positions, USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum told the Express.

With approval from the city council on Monday, Hailey Mayor Martha Burke submitted a letter to a U.S. Postal Service representative this week asking the federal agency to direct more mail carriers to the Hailey Post Office to help clear its months-long backlog of mail.

Unusual delivery delays were first reported at the facility last fall, when pallets of packages could be seen piling up in a back room.

By mid-December, District 26 Rep. Ned Burns, D-Bellevue, reported that the Hailey Post Office was working at “about an 80% staff shortage” with 10 postal workers commuting from Twin Falls to cover shifts.

Martha Burke
Hailey Post Office

Inside the Hailey Post Office on Nov. 18, 2022. Postal officials say the facility is struggling to find staff.

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