The Hailey City Council will set in motion today a process whereby the city will seek resolution with the city if Bellevue of proposed area of city impact maps, which designate each city’s area of concern and development oversight adjacent to their boundaries.

     A letter written by City Council Chairwoman Martha Burke requests Blaine County’s involvement in the process after a period of negotiations with the Bellevue. It will be ratified and read into the record tonight during a City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

     Hailey Community Development Director Lisa Horowitz said Bellevue’s proposed ACI boundary extends about 26 acres into an ACI boundary established by the city of Hailey on the east side of Highway 75 between the two cities.

     Horowitz said planners from both cities will likely meet to discuss how to settle the ACI claims.

     “The most important detail for Hailey is that there be an open-space buffer zone between Hailey and Bellevue, and it is unclear based on Bellevue’s ACI map if this would be the case,” Horowitz said.

     For the full story, see the Wednesday edition of the Mountain Express.

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