An apparent difference in planning goals for areas between their two cities has led elected leaders from Hailey and Bellevue to seek resolution from Blaine County.

     At stake are areas of city impact maps and ordinances that could lay out development goals for a 227-acre area on the Eccles Flying Hat Ranch on the east side of Highway 75, south of Hailey and north of Bellevue.

     ACI agreements can give city governments some say in how surrounding lands outside their jurisdiction are developed. They are required by state law to be in place before an annexation occurs.

     What gets annexed and built on the Eccles’ farmland between Hailey and Bellevue has been a point of contention since 2014 when three Bellevue City Council candidates won election on campaigns that called for a slowdown in the city’s process of an annexation of 227 acres of the Eccles family’s Flying Hat Ranch.

     The proposed development, which was approved by the Bellevue Planning and Zoning Commission and is still on the table, would include 91 acres of business-zoned land (and possibly big-box retail stores) to a mile-long stretch of Highway 75 between Bellevue and Hailey.

     For full story, see the Wednesday edition of the Mountain Express.

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