Quigley Fire Roland

A wildfire in Quigley Canyon that started on Saturday, June 13, burned through the following Monday and covered some 56 acres.

In response to an increase in wildland fires and permitted burns that escaped control this season, the Wood River Fire Protection District has approved establishment of seasonal bans during which burns will not be allowed.

Going forward, Wood River Fire & Rescue will suspend open burning each year from June 20 through Oct. 20, with specific date adjustments being made annually dependent on weather.

“Our crews have been very busy this season and we’ve hardly just begun,” Wood River Fire & Rescue Chief Ron Bateman stated in a press release. “For the most part, our landowners have been incredibly responsible with burning. This isn’t punitive. This is, first and foremost, about safety. Wildland fires are a labor-intensive reality. Our crews are behind the curve before they’ve left the station.

“Everything I do is in an effort to affect safety for our responders and the community.”

Given the short notice of this ban, shift officers may allow burns on a case-by-case basis until June 26.

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