The period between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend saw fewer fatalities this year in Idaho compared to the same period, also known as the 100 Deadliest Days, last summer according to a recent report from the Idaho Transportation Department. This summer, 91 people died as a result of traffic crashes as compared to 101 last summer.

     Law enforcement agencies throughout the state were provided grant funding over the summer to put extra officers on the roads to look for reckless driving and seat belt violators. In addition, several media campaigns ran throughout the state encouraging drivers to be attentive on the road and make safe choices.

     Preliminary data from the Idaho Transportation Department noted that of the 91 people killed in crashes, 62 were in automobiles, 17 were riding motorcycles and the others were pedestrians or riding all-terrain vehicles. Of the 51 passenger vehicle fatalities, 28 people were not wearing seatbelts.

     “Our law enforcement partners do wonderful work but they can’t be everywhere. If we are going to prevent these fatal crashes, we need drivers to make smart and safe choices,” said Highway Safety Manager John Tomlinson in the press release sent out with the report Monday.

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