F&G to collar bucks

     Idaho Fish and Game researchers will be fitting several mule deer bucks with GPS collars and ear tags to learn more about long-term buck survival during hunting seasons.

     The objective is to help biologists “better manage deer hunting and avoid over-harvesting bucks, as well as meeting hunters’ desires for the age class of bucks,” Fish and Game stated in a Tuesday media release.

     “Most mule deer hunters would like to see bigger bucks, more bucks, and would also like to go hunting every year,” said biologist Paul Atwood, who is leading the study.

     Researchers will look at several influences on buck survival, including motorized access into hunting areas, conifer cover and antler point restrictions.

     Bucks are currently collared in game units 22, 32, 39, 40 and 41. The study will collar bucks in at least 11 additional units across the state of Idaho, according to Fish and Game.

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