Trash Spilled By Black Bear (copy)

For years, black bears have overturned trash cans left out overnight in Warm Springs.

Idaho Fish and Game officers are attempting to trap and euthanize a food-habituated black bear in the Warm Springs area of Ketchum that reportedly charged a resident in the early morning hours of Monday, July 11.

According to a statement from the regional Magic Valley office, a woman opened her door to verbally haze away the bear after seeing it rifle through garbage outside her home. The bear responded by charging at her, Fish and Game said.

“She quickly closed the door, and the bear collided with the door. The bear then charged a window as the woman banged on the glass in an attempt to scare the bear away,” the department stated.

Bear (copy)

Fish and Game euthanized this young black bear on Aug. 3, 2020, after it established a pattern of eating from garbage bins, bird feeders and beehives in an East Fork neighborhood.

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