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A bull elk that nearly drowned in the Big Wood River last fall after getting his antlers wrapped up in a hammock required further assistance Monday after becoming entangled in a backyard swing, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Conservation officers worked quickly on Monday to free the elk from the swing in Gimlet. The bull had torn the swing off its anchor tree when officers arrived, according to Fish and Game, but the wooden seat and rope remained caught in his antlers.

The bull was anesthetized with a dart to remove the swing, then given a reversal shot. A green ear tag the elk had received from Fish and Game after his hammock run-in last October signaled to officers that they were dealing with the same animal.

Conservation Officer Brandyn Hurd said the incident served as reminder that elk and moose can easily catch their antlers on hammocks, electrical cords, wires, swing sets and other household items.

“All backyard furniture and playground equipment needs to be removed and secured during the winter months,” Hurd stated in a press release this week.

Entanglement incidents don’t just endanger wildlife, he added, as Fish and Game teams are put at risk whenever they need to dart an animal.

For more information about how to keep the area around your home safe for wildlife, contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at 208-324-4359.

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