This spring, local students participated in the second year of the Environmental Resource Center’s Picking Up for the Planet (PUP) project. Following each winter of dog-walking, participants have marked and picked up the poop at two local trailheads—Quigley Canyon near Hailey and Adams Gulch north of Ketchum. ERC Program Director Alisa McGowan said eight Wood River High School seniors picked up about 500 poop piles within 85 yards of the trailhead at Quigley and six Community School sixth- and seventh-graders (pictured above) picked up 423 piles within 50 yards of the trailhead at Adams Gulch. “We get a lot of comments when we do it—a lot of positive feedback,” McGowan said. She said the ERC hopes to add more trailheads to the project next spring.

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