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Garbage and cooking waste at campgrounds can offer easy, high-calorie rewards for black bears emerging from their dens in March and April. To prevent negative human-bear interactions, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is implementing a food storage order on May 29.

In light of an unprecedented influx of travelers to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area last summer, the U.S. Forest Service will reduce the camping stay length in the SNRA from 16 to 10 days starting next month, it announced in a Monday press release.

The new 10-day limit will be in effect from May 1 through Sept. 15. Specifically, occupancy is limited to “10 days within a 30-day period within a 30-mile radius,” the Forest Service said.

“As public recreation use continues to grow, so does the competition for camping and parking, conflicts between users and impacts to the land,” the agency stated. “We want you to enjoy your stay and in doing so help us provide opportunities for others by adhering to the stay limit.”

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