Ketchum council to discuss Wagon Days, Sun Peak

     During a regular meeting today at 4 p.m., the Ketchum City Council will consider a $10,000 request to restore reduced funding for a Wagon Days street party, which previously included a concert following the parade.

     A city document included in tonight’s meeting packet explains that due to budget constraints for fiscal 2020, the council had decreased funding across the board, which included $14,700 for Wagon Days, eliminating the street party.

     The staff is recommending that the city restore funding for the street party with money from the local-option tax fund balance.

     In addition, the council will have a workshop on Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the Limelight Hotel as part of an ongoing discussion around the proposed Sun Peak Preserve restoration project.

     The project, which would restore the Hulen Meadows pond and an adjacent stretch of the Big Wood River north of Ketchum, aims to improve wildlife habitat, reduce flooding and increase kayaking and fly-fishing opportunities.

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