Redfish-Baron Trail Earthquake

This damaged section of the Redfish-Baron Trail resulted from a “large boulder bouncing off the trail,” according to the Forest Service. Wilderness rangers recently repaired the tread and cleared trees that the boulder took down.

Hikers should be aware of damaged trails around Redfish Lake as evidence of the magnitude 6.5 earthquake that struck near Stanley on March 31 is still abundant in the Sawtooths, the U.S. Forest Service says.

Recently, wilderness rangers worked to clear avalanche debris and rockfall in Redfish Canyon and on the Redfish-Baron trail before Flat Rock Junction, where the trails to Alpine Lake and Cramer Lake split. Hikers are encouraged to check out the SNRA Trail Report at before heading out on the trails.

Aftershocks from the March earthquake continue to register in south-central Idaho. On Wednesday, a magnitude 3.1 earthquake was reported one mile east of Stanley Lake in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. 

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