Yellowstone wolves

Fish and Game is looking to move the start date for public wolf-hunting across Blaine County’s game units from August 1 to July 1, resulting in a year-round wolf hunt. The department is also planning to expand foothold trapping opportunities in the county and across the Magic Valley. Here, a wolf pack beds down in the snow at Yellowstone National Park.

The Magic Valley office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game last Wednesday unveiled plans to extend the wolf-hunting season on public lands in western and southern Blaine County from 11 months to year-round starting this summer.

The office is also hoping to move back the start date for public-land wolf trapping in two game units that hem in sections of southern Blaine County—Game Units 52 and 52A—from mid-October to mid-September, adding a month to the season.

Game Unit 52 includes the Little Wood drainage and Magic Reservoir, while Game Unit 52A includes Craters of the Moon National Monument.

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