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A small group of horses from the Challis wild horse herd has migrated south and may be gathered along state Highway 75 between Clayton and Challis, presenting concerns for motorist and horse safety, the BLM said last week.

The migration could have been motivated by dry conditions on the north end of the herd management area amid severe drought, according to Challis Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Kevin Lloyd.

“It is likely that the Challis Field Office will conduct a small bait-trap gather in the next few weeks to remove those horses from the vicinity of the highway,” BLM spokeswoman Heather Tiel-stated Friday. “Once gathered, those horses will be cared for at the Challis wild horse corrals.”

Lloyd said most horses have survived the drought thanks to “several live sources of water from streams that support the herd” and appear to be healthy.

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