Smoke on Baldy

Bald Mountain was barely visible through the smoke at Warm Springs Sunday morning.

As of 9 a.m. Sunday morning, the air quality in the Wood River Valley was rated "unhealthy" on the state Department of Environmental Quality's Air Quality Index.

The AQI reading of 171, recorded at the DEQ's monitoring station at Ketchum's Ernest Hemingway STEAM School, denoted a high concentration of particulate in the air, potentially causing health problems to anyone who breathes it, not just those in vulnerable groups.

Smoke continues to billow into Idaho from fires in nearby states, particularly California, Oregon and Washington.

Ketchum's AQI reading was far from the worst in the state this morning. Stations across Idaho's western border displayed AQI readings of "very unhealthy" or, in 12 spots, "hazardous," the most severe reading on the index.

Until air quality improves, people should avoid prolonged exposure to the air outdoors and limit exercise. Click here to visit the DEQ's air quality map for regular updates.

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