Terry Gilbert and Debbie Critchfield

Terry Gilbert, left, and Debbie Critchfield are on the Nov. 8 ballot.

With just over five weeks to the general elections, Terry Gilbert and Debbie Critchfield are in the thick of campaign season. The two will face off on Nov. 8, to replace eight-year incumbent Sherri Ybarra as superintendent of public instruction.

The general elections will take place on Nov. 8. All seven statewide positions and 105 legislative seats will be on the ballot, though a majority of legislative races are uncontested.

Critchfield defeated Ybarra and GOP challenger Branden Durst in the May primary. The former State Board of Education president raised over $300,000 by the election, outraising Durst by nearly a five-to-one margin and Ybarra by more than an eight-to-one ratio.

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