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Michael David, left, and Jim Slanetz, right.

Ketchum voters on Tuesday placed renewed confidence in two-term City Council veterans Michael David, 54, and Jim Slanetz, 55.

The incumbents amassed over two-thirds of total votes: Michael David tipped the scale at 700 votes and Jim Slanetz took away 604. Challenger Jen Smith trailed Slanetz by 80 votes, at 524, and longtime contester Mickey Garcia picked up 101 votes.

David said he was excited to receive so much support from Ketchum’s voters and thanked his opponents.

“This council is poised to get some good work done on public safety, protection of environmental resources and creating a community that is welcoming and attainable to young people as well,” he said Wednesday. “Thanks to Jen Smith and Mickey Garcia for throwing their hats in the ring and running very positive campaigns.”

Slanetz also thanked his opponents.

“I’d like to thank all the voters and my fellow candidates. I find it refreshing that every candidate stayed positive in their messages, and that it’s still possible to keep money out of local politics and run a grassroots campaign,” he said.

Both David and Slanetz ran on campaigns to make Ketchum a more vibrant, affordable place.

In an interview last month, David said he was running to give Ketchum’s under-40 age group more of a voice.

“You can’t just blindly promote your own ideas. You need to understand the desires, needs and concerns of your constituents,” he said. “I’d like to build on what [Councilwoman] Courtney Hamilton accomplished in the last election—she got out there and created this coalition of young people, and it really motivated me.”

Like David, Slanetz said he hopes to bring in more music festivals and nightlife events to Ketchum and address a lack of affordable housing while keeping an eye on growth.

“We’ve done a pretty good job of maintaining a mountain feel here, but we don’t have room for sprawl and we definitely don’t need additional million-dollar condos,” he said on Oct. 21.

In addition to having two City Council terms under his belt, Slanetz is a longtime business owner—he and his wife, Karin, founded the Board Bin snowboard shop more than 30 years ago—and continues to rent out both short- and long-term housing units.

Outside of his City Council duties, David is also known for his sports announcing at Wood River High School and contributions to Eye on Sun Valley as a sports journalist.

Challenger Jen Smith, executive director of the Sawtooth Botanical Garden, took to Facebook on Nov. 6 to thank her supporters.

“Well, friends, 524 votes ain’t bad. Thanks for your support,” she wrote.

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