Red or blue, some kind of wave crested in Idaho on Tuesday as voters turned out in droves to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

    Unofficially, 605,176 ballots were cast in the governor’s race, in which Republican Brad Little defeated Democrat Paulette Jordan for the open seat. That’s 165,346 more than the 439,830 cast in the last gubernatorial election, during the 2014 midterm—an increase of nearly 38 percent.

    The final tally is still subject to change; Tuesday’s results are not considered official until a canvass of the vote following Election Day.

    But Idaho’s uptick corresponds to a national trend—more than 48 percent of the national voting-eligible population weighed in this year—some 113 million ballots, according to Thursday’s estimates by the United States Election Project at the University of Florida. That would be the highest midterm turnout since 1966, and a big increase from 2014, when about 37 percent voted.

    Based on the project’s estimate of Idaho’s population, almost half of eligible voters cast a ballot for governor. While significant, it still lags behind a presidential year: 710,545 Idahoans voted for president in 2016.

    Still, Blaine County remains a blue lake in a deep red map. While Democrats dominated locally, Republicans swept statewide offices. In general, Blaine County skewed more heavily Democrat than Idaho on the whole did Republican.

    Here’s how the county voted, compared to the statewide results:

U.S. Representative, District 2

  • Mike Simpson (R): 35.2 percent in Blaine County; 60.7 percent statewide.
  • Aaron Swisher (D): 64.8 percent; 39.3 percent.


  • Brad Little (R): 29.2 percent in Blaine County; 59.8 percent statewide.
  • Paulette Jordan (D): 69.3 percent; 38.2 percent.

Lieutenant governor

  • Janice McGeachin (R): 30.1 percent Blaine County; 59.7 percent statewide.
  • Kristin Collum (D): 69.9 percent; 40.3 percent.

Secretary of state

  • Lawerence E. Denney (R): 33.6 percent in Blaine County; 62.5 percent statewide.
  • Jill Humble (D): 66.4 percent; 37.5 percent.

Attorney general

  • Lawrence Wasden (R): 35.7 percent in Blaine County; 64.5 percent statewide.
  • Bruce S.  Bistline (D): 65.3 percent; 34.6 percent.

Superintendent of public instruction

  • Sherri Ybarra (R): 28.3 percent in Blaine County; 51.4 percent statewide.
  • Cindy Wilson (D): 71.7 percent; 48.6 percent.

State treasurer

  • Julie A. Ellsworth (R): Uncontested.

State controller

  • Brandon D. Woolf (R): Uncontested.
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