Mike McFadyen (R)

Age: Did not respond.

Occupation: Retired.

Previous experience: Did not respond.

Why are you running: My decision to run for office is to try to maintain our way of life here in Idaho in spite of our ever-increasing numbers. I believe my innovative abilities will give me an edge in solving some of our most difficult issues.

1. My view on increasing the registration fee is based on the rates of our nearby states. We could stand to make a slight increase to cover the wear and tear caused by heavy loads.

2. With my third child getting ready to attend in a little over two years, you can bet I will be looking into this issue. My daughter has enrolled in the dual-credit classes through IDLA, giving her the ability to graduate with a degree when leaving high school. This kind of program can help reduce the overall cost associated with higher education.

3.  I have a vested interest in making our schools safer and more secure. In light of mass shootings, I think it’s time we develop ways to reduce our children’s exposure to this ever-increasing epidemic. I also hope to use my experience in heavy construction to help bring more value to our transportation spending.

4.  We are currently one of the few states with a rainy-day fund to cover unexpected financial burdens. I think it’s essential to maintain this in light of the uncertainty of the markets and the feds’ ever-changing support. We have an obligation to our taxpayers to not overspend and to plan for unexpected downturns in our economy.

5. My experiences working in areas known for gambling have almost always shown them to be slightly depressed. Promises made in the past to help fund schools and communities haven’t materialized. I have no problem with horse racing as it now stands, but the advent of slot machines into the mix worries me.

Sally J. Toone (D)

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired educator—37 years in the classroom in public high schools and for the College of Southern Idaho Adult Education Program.

Previous experience: I served on multiple state education committees, plus worked on two important national education reform programs in the state. I was elected president of the local chapter of the Idaho Education Association in two schools and the local Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an international educators’ service organization for women.

Why are you running: I am running for re-election because I have four grandchildren who need a future that gives them the opportunity to stay in Idaho, a well-paying job and an environment that enables them to prosper. I champion quality education and I advocate for local needs and issues facing our Idaho communities. I want to craft creative, new solutions to the issues of the 21st century.

1. The Legislature made a promise to Idaho citizens when they increased auto registration fees that commercial vehicles would follow. There is an interim committee to address the issue, but nothing has happened. This needs to be done. The process is complicated, but the state needs to address the issue.

2. The Legislature has not returned to pre-recession funding of higher education. Our higher-education institutions need to look at new and creative alternatives for degrees and programs. We need to incentivize graduates to put their skills to work in Idaho communities through loan forgiveness with Idaho employers, for example.

3.  I feel we will need to address and fund Medicaid expansion. It’s past time to act on this issue. Also, the final phase of the Education Task Force’s recommendations must be implemented. Education funding needs to be approved.

4. The state must always be prepared for a rainy day or an economic downturn. We need to be able to meet the financial needs for the state. Idaho has done a good job in the past in increasing the general fund, but we need to be even more thorough in saving and spending as growth is making more demands.

5. I am leaning toward voting no. Having done research from previous legislation, I worry passage will result in a constitutional challenge. We should make sure legislation is constitutional before going forward.

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