Muffy Davis (D)

Age: 45

Occupation: Speaker.

Previous experience: This is my first race for political office. I presently serve as an elected member of the International Paralympic Committee, and I have served in the past as an elected member of the USOC Athlete’s Advisory Council.

Why are you running: Idaho families are struggling, and our Legislature is not finding solutions. I want change. I want to find solutions for Idaho families struggling to afford health care, improve our public education and protect our public lands. I would be honored to represent and find solutions to these and other challenges facing Idaho.

1. The Legislature must act and find a solution to equitably share the burden commercial trucking places on our roads. Two years ago, the Legislature increased private registrations with the promise to adequately increase the commercial fees as well. They have neither increased commercial fees nor found an alternative solution.

2. We can start by using loan-forgiveness bills for professional industries in short supply in Idaho, such as educators, health-care providers and other skilled professions. These types of programs could be geared toward people willing to stay and work in Idaho for a specified time.

3. If voters pass Proposition 2, the people of Idaho will have spoken and the Legislature must listen to the people’s wishes. If Prop 2 passes, this will be top of the list in 2019. Legislators will need to enact Medicaid coverage for the 62,000 working Idahoans in the Medicaid gap.

4. Idaho has been quite financially responsible in saving for an economic downturn, but we need to focus on investing in our hugely neglected infrastructure, which is essential to assure public safety, but often the first thing cut in an economic downturn.

5. From my research and discussions with legislators and the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, I am concerned that if passed, Proposition 1 will result in a costly constitutional challenge in court, which would fail. 

Steve Miller (R)

Age:  68

Occupation:  Farm and ranch.

Previous experience: Camas County P&Z, Camas County commissioner, three terms in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Why are you running: I have started some things and supported others that are important. These include K-3 literacy, Mastery, ELL, teacher salaries, dual credit, career technical education, outcome-based funding for colleges and universities, ag research centers, insurance that people can afford, cost of health care, mental health, economy and jobs.

1. I wouldn’t do registration as much as a loaded mile tax. Trucks impact roads when they are loaded, not when they are empty. There was a commitment by industry and the Legislature when taxes were increased that has never happened. That needs to happen.

2. Greater utilization of community colleges. That’s the best bang for the buck in higher ed. Expand career technical education in the areas where demand exceeds availability. Cooperate with business and industry in career and job training. Outcome-based funding will make higher education more competitive and lead to less duplication of resources.

3. Insurance—create insurance that people can afford. Health care—work to lower the cost of health care and pharmaceuticals. Education—continue getting better outcomes by doing what works and changing what doesn’t work. Mental health—increase the number of social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists in Idaho.

4. Continue to do what we’re doing. Continue to set aside funds for use during the downturn. Control spending. Keep as many budget increases as possible to annual basis as opposed to ongoing. Make sure state agencies and the voters know that we may see a downturn begin in the next year or two.

5. I’ll begin by saying I enjoy horse racing. But this isn’t about horse racing, it’s about gambling and the definition of a slot machine. If it doesn’t pass, nothing will change. If it passes, I expect it will be settled in court.

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